Chemical & Resin

We provide many type of chemical, resin and multimedia to our customer

Chemical List
Series Chemical Name Packing
  Specification Customer Reference  
Alpha Coagulation A3800 25kg
A1800 25kg
A3600 25kg/bag
Beta Flocculation B100 10kg/bag
B900 25kg/bag
Gamma Membrane cleaning chemical G-ROC010 25kg/bag
G-ROC009 25kg/bag
G-NHC008 25kg
  Anti-scalant chemical G-NHP007 25kg/bag
  Sanitising chemical G-500 30kg
Chemical Name Packing
** Caustic Soda, NaOH (48% and 50%) 25kg/carboy, 208kg/drum, 1500kg/IBC box
Hydrochloric Acid, HCl 25kg
Soda Ash, Na2CO3 25kg/bag
Citric Acid 25kg/bag

** Remark: Purchase NaOH is required Poison License (Type B)

Chemical Name percentage Packing
Sulphuric Acid, H2SO4 10% 25kg/carboy,250kg/drum, 1060kg/IBC box
30% 25kg/carboy, 250kg/drum, 1200kg/IBC box
50% 30kg/carboy, 250kg/drum, 1380kg/IBC box
60% 25kg/carboy, 30kg/carboy, 250kg/drum
98% 25kg/carboy, 40kg/carboy,
Ion Exchange Resin
Ion Exchange Resin
Anion 25L/bag
Cation 25L/bag

Media Name Packing
Garnet Fine 25kg/bag or 12.5L/bag
Garnet Coarse 25kg/bag or 12.5L/bag
Gravel 50kg/bag
Anthracite 22.75kg/bag or 32.5L/bag
Silica Sand 50kg/bag

Other Chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals
Surface Coating Chemicals
Degreaser Chemicals