Safety Respirator Mask Safety Respirator Mask

Safety Respirator (Mask)


Typical Applications:
Construction / Building Maintenance, Oil and Gas Industry, Stone Masonry, Mining / Quarrying, Agriculture, Food Processing Industry, Metal Working (Welding / Grinding / Cutting), Government and Contract Cleaning, Air Pollution


Features and Benefits:


 Ergonomic Low Profile Design
Extremely low breathing resistance makes the stealth mask suitable for most work activities ranging from low to strenuous, and short to extended periods. Can be worn in combination with weld helmet or safety visor.


 Manufactured From High Grade Materials
Which are odour free. The mask body material is latex and silicone free.


 Single Piece Head and Neck Strap
The self-locking neck clips providing a customized user face fit.


 HEPAC P3(R) Replacement Twins Filters
Robust Composite Media, Ultra high efficiency, Low breathing resistance.


 Protective Grill
With sleek downwards facing louvres protecting the filter from debris and dust in harsher environments and is easily removed from cleaning and filter replacements.


 Large Non-Return Exhaust Valve
Eases breathing and reduces user fatigue, positioned to exhale downwards avoiding condensation of visors and eye protection.